Somebody’s gotta say it. Might as well be me.

1-I’m an adult, you’re an adult. I curse. (see next paragraph for proof) If you’re offended by foul language, you’ll find no apology for it here because I will argue all day with you on what’s foul. Free speech and all. I mean no harm or insult and frankly, if adult language harms or insults you, I shudder at what else might offend you. Grow up. The internet is a big place. If you can’t abide a few f-bombs and douchements dropped to drive home a point, go find a site where they coddle you with platitudes and make you think life is still a sunny summer day in 1955 America. This ain’t that place. We both know it’s not. I prohibit abuse of anyone on my website. If we have to argue the meaning of abuse, then out you go. God Bless you and yours, but if you don’t like my words, move along, please.

2- I’m not a fucking doctor. Don’t bring your pansy-ass on my page looking to blame me for your problems. If you’re not smart enough to see a doctor before you take advice from some asshole on the internet, you’re not smart enough to read my articles, and that’s not my fucking problem. Also, if you get your feelings hurt because you’re fat, move along. This page is not for you. I need hard truth. Maybe you need it, too. If you want someone to feel sorry for you because you’re fat, sick, and out of shape, don’t look at me. I’m not your momma. You’re a grown-ass adult. It’s time you started acting like one.